Various Uses Of Blue Vitriol In Daily Life

To make the environment fresh and worth living, the use of chemical is necessary in daily life. As in lawn, playground, roof, pond, garden and agriculture farm, some tiny plants and organism like algae and fungi spoil the environment, so the use of chemical becomes necessary to remove the unwanted organism from your various places. Among the quality products that are used for removing the poisonous organism and undesirable tiny plants, Blue vital is very effective product that is chemically known as copper sulfate pentahydrate. It is chemically shown by the chemical formula, CuSo4.5H2o. This chemical is called blue vitriol as it is prepared by oxidizing copper with hot concentrated sulfuric acid.


When it comes to the uses of Blue Vitriol, these are large in numbers. But the major uses of the chemical are following. It being a fungicide, the people generally use it for controlling molds and fungus from the places like lawns, gardens and some other wet areas where fungi grows. Fungus diseases spread on the plants like potatoes, tomatoes and apples and others are controlled by the compound of copper sulfate.

It is used for controlling the growth of algae in farm ponds, waterways, water bodies and reservoirs. It is the best algaecide so it is generally used to kill the unwanted algae on the roofs and lawns also. Experts of animal diets, recommend for the copper compound to balance the dietary copper in animal feeds. For increasing the amount of copper in soil, the compound of copper is mixed in the soil. Some compounds of the copper sulfate are used while installing sewer lines or septic tanks.


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